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Natal Chart Synastry


This is similar to a natal chart reading; including the addition of another chart which we will also explore & then  combine with the first one so we can see the dynamics together.



Shockingly enough, absolutely every single subject that arose during the meeting has either happened recently or is in the process of happening to me currently. I think about the things she said nearly every day.

Thank you for your time.


I truly believe Krystal has a gift and is the real deal. I’m SO glad I took the chance and met with her as I was very reluctant. She was very nice, genuine and did not rush the reading at all. She allowed me to ask a couple of questions, which I really appreciated. Everything she said helped me get some insight and peace of mind as to what’s going on in my life right now and what I know I should do. I’d definitely see her again and recommend her to anyone else who needs some reassurance, answers, peace of mind, or whatever it is you need right now. I think it’ll help.



My entire experience with Krystal was amazing. She immediately had good vibes and she was comforting, making it easier to relax around her. I would totally recommend seeing her! she definitely helped me open my eyes and I’m now currently taking her advice. I only wish I came more prepared and asked more questions  overall, amazing experience! ((: