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Free consultations are for those that are curious & want to see what astrology is about while getting a taste of your own chart.



Shockingly enough, absolutely every single subject that arose during the meeting has either happened recently or is in the process of happening to me currently. I think about the things she said nearly every day.

Thank you for your time.


I truly believe Krystal has a gift and is the real deal. I’m SO glad I took the chance and met with her as I was very reluctant. She was very nice, genuine and did not rush the reading at all. She allowed me to ask a couple of questions, which I really appreciated. Everything she said helped me get some insight and peace of mind as to what’s going on in my life right now and what I know I should do. I’d definitely see her again and recommend her to anyone else who needs some reassurance, answers, peace of mind, or whatever it is you need right now. I think it’ll help.



My entire experience with Krystal was amazing. She immediately had good vibes and she was comforting, making it easier to relax around her. I would totally recommend seeing her! she definitely helped me open my eyes and I’m now currently taking her advice. I only wish I came more prepared and asked more questions  overall, amazing experience! ((: